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Langford and Low’s internship program is designed to provide practical construction experience for both high school and college students who have an interest in the construction field. This program is suited for students that would like to be a part of Langford and Low’s on-site labor crews, as well as the potential for an intern position such as a project manager, superintendent, estimator, or safety officer. Most internships will take place over the summer breaks from school, but opportunity may exist where work can be continued during future school breaks. Langford and Low is very interested in hiring employees that have participated in their internship program.

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Langford and Low’s internship program will provide the student with valuable workplace experience and provide the construction industry with motivated future employees. This on the job work experience will allow for expanded knowledge in a field of choice, and will help the student broaden their background. Langford and Low will provide an opportunity for hands on project involvement, which is vital for helping students bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

Our Responsibility

Langford and Low will be responsible for providing work assignments based on the student’s ability, past work experience and education. A college student may be assigned to assist a position such as superintendent, project manager, estimator or safety officer depending on the field of study they are interested in. For all students, Langford and Low will provide an understanding of how the organization works and operates daily.

Student Benefits

Through this internship program the student will experience construction processes and management methods first hand. Learning best practices within the industry will be integrated while contributing to the completion of a quality project.


Prospective students are required to fill out the intern application on our website and to provide all necessary background information and prior work history. For younger students that may not have any prior work history, any relevant school or volunteer information will suffice. The hiring process will be similar to our standard employee hiring process, with a three-week performance review and an end of the internship review conducted. Intern positions will be paid, and the amount of positions available will change from year to year depending on the current demand within the industry.


Langford and Low’s internship program will provide students with an experience advantage when returning to school. Langford and Low aims to help students explore their interests, find their passion and discover their potential all while growing interest in the construction workforce.

Internship Application

Your cooperation in completing this internship application fully and accurately will supply us with information required for our records. All persons shall have the opportunity to obtain an internship without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, disability/handicap, veteran status, military status, or other impermissible data.

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