Maine Behavioral Health

Center of Excellence

Langford and Low was selected as the Construction Manager for this 28,000 square foot building that included preschool through high school classrooms, multiple sensory treatment rooms, a gym, life skills areas, and a playground with five feature pieces of equipment. This building also provides a space for health professionals to practice patient therapy, psychology, and research to better assist with future care. This project featured a unique building design and a complex “R-Tank” system for improved site drainage and filtration as it is located adjacent to sensitive wetlands. Many of the colors and design features inside this facility are bright and abstract to promote learning and creativity.

Upgrades in the near future are set to include photovoltaic panels on the roof to improve efficiency and the installation of an emergency generator as this building is 100% electric.

A collaborative pre-construction effort by the team allowed the client to realize ambitious goals on a controlled budget.

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